20-Love Quotes for Boyfriend

20-Love Quotes for Boyfriend
You give me the kind of feelings people write novels about.
 If you want continuous joy, love someone that is ready to dedicate his or her precious time for you. Love works that way.

Regardless of what the one you love does, you still want to say “I love you”. That makes love completely blind.

The moment love is involved, wonders come around. How did it happen, is what you begin to say.

Why would partners not be together at least once in everyday? That may turn out not to be love if you seldom walk together.

Until death comes, some relationship cannot be destroyed. It is biblically referenced as for ‘better for worse’.

The one you cherish is the one you love. You cannot appreciate someone you don’t love from the bottom of your heart. It won’t be romantic as time unfolds.

Love is everything bad. It could be crazy, mad and at the same time beautiful. In fact, just fall in love, you end up been a musician, a poet, and instrumentalist.

You cannot be completely alive, up and doing, without love. If the link of love misses in your life, forget prosperity. It does not exist in such realm.
Love can be revealing, but it magnetises and captivates. Did you notice sometimes that love could close your mind to realities?

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